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JT Michal Hlinka -65

25 October 2018

JT 65 Michal Hlinka – (C 25.10.2018)
The Ceskoslovensky Schach organizes studies tournament on the occasion 65th
birthday of Michal Hlinka . There are two sections in the tournament:
A) Studies Win
B) Studies Draw -Stalemate in the final position
Tournament director: Mario G. García – Judge: Michal Hlinka
Send your original studies to the address of tournament director: 
marioggarcia@gmail.com. In both sections we accept up to three studies per author. –
Closing date: 25th October 2018.
The provisional award will be sent to all participants via email and will be published at
the beginning of the year 2019 in the magazine Ceskoslovensky Schach.