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The Macedonian Problemist League-2019


The problem chess magazine “The Macedonian Problemist” announces a formal tourney “The Macedonian Problemist” League 2019 in four sections (with the following judges): #2 – C. G. S. Narayanan (India); #3 – Oleg Efrosinin (Russia), H#2 – Nikola Stolev (Macedonia); S#3-n – Petko Petkov (Bulgaria).
There is no limitation regarding the thematic contents (themes are free). Composers can send unlimited number of problems. Co-authors’ problems may be submitted, too.
Problems should be sent to the Tourney director by e-mail (mprobl@yahoo.com, zoran.gavrilovski@gmail.com) or by snail mail (Zoran Gavrilovski, P. fah 137, Poshta 2, Skopje MK-1001, Macedonia). The closing date for sending the problems is 1 July 2019. The awards will be published in 2019.
In each section the respective judge will rank ten problems from 1st Place to 10th Place and will also identify two reserves to serve as replacement in an event of disqualification of problem(s) after the publication of the preliminary award. Points awarded for problems are as follow: 1st Place – 12 points; 2nd Place – 10 points; 3rd Place – 9 points ... 10th Place – 2 points, a reserve or a correct, thematic and non-anticipated problem – 1 point. A problem composed by more than one author brings the following points to each co-author: half of the points for a problem composed by two co-authors; third of the points for a problem composed by three co-authors etc.
The awards should be made until 15 September 2019. In an event of not receiving the awards by any of the appointed judges until this date, the Tourney director reserves the right to ask the reserve judge (Hans Gruber) to make the award.
The 2019 tourney brochure with the awards and the total ladder will be preliminary shared with all participants by e-mail before the official publication of the award in a supplement to a 2019 issue of “The Macedonian Problemist”. The brochure with the tourney awards will be posted online, too.
The authors of the winning problems in each section and the three best participants in the overall ranking will receive magazine/book prizes.