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Юбилейный конкурс "Марк Эренбург - 60"

25 Февраля 2019

Jubilee tourney "Mark Erenburg – 60" 

The Israeli Chess Composition Society announces international jubilee tourney on the occasion of the 60thbirthday of Mark Erenburg. 

This tourney will be in two sections:

Section A:  helpmates in 3 moves with white queen, at least one white rook and at least one white bishop in the initial position- additional pieces without limitations.

Section B:  selfmates  in 3 and more moves. The number of moves is not limited, but the composer is asked to specify the type of solving program that was used for problem's checking.

Fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed.

Judge:Mark Erenburg. Closing date:10/10/2019. 

The entries should be sent by e-mail to the address: mgrubnere1@gmail.com

Prizes:in every section 1stPrize- 50 euro, 2ndPrize- 40 euro, 3rdPrize- 30 euro.