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Уточнение по 8 WCCT

29 Декабря 2006

8th World Chess Composing Tournament of the FIDE

Procedure regarding versions in the WCCT

Not everybody is acquainted with the procedure which we had in previous times when there was only one judge. It was simpler then. After the judge had submitted his preliminary ranking, he was informed which entries belonged to the same (unknown) country. He then decided if his placing would change in the light of any possible relationship between entries from the same country.

For obvious reasons, this procedure cannot be implemented as it is for the present situation, mainly because of the irreconcilable opinions which the 5 judges might have. A certain adjustment in procedure is therefore needed.

In doing this, certain principles are followed:

1) The issue of fairness in the WCCT is the primary concern. Therefore, if (in any given section) a country has submitted problems which are versions of each other, only one of them can feature in the final award.
2) No change in rules should take place.
3) All evaluative decisions about the entries, including those involving the question of versions by the same country, remain within the authority given to the judges.
4) Similar problems by different countries are all legitimate; they are not considered nor treated as versions.

The procedure for the current WCCT is the following:

a) Every participating country must inform the Director about any 2 (or 3) problems in any section which are versions of each other.
b) The judges do not receive this information. They give marks to all the entries as if there were no versions.
c) The highest graded version submitted by the same country is the only one to be maintained in the award.
d) The Director informs the judges (after they have submitted their marks) of seemingly undeclared versions which he has detected among entries submitted by any one country.
e) The judges are then asked whether they consider these entries to be versions of each other. Action is taken according to the majority decision. Paragraph (c) is applied in the case of an agreed version. If a tie occurs, the Director's decision is final.

Summary of the steps required from the participating country in the case of versions:

Even though we do not wish to encourage the submission of versions, they are not forbidden according to the WCCT rules. If your country submits versions (i.e. 2 or 3 problems in any section which are versions of each other) you are required to inform the Tourney Director of this at the time when the problems are submitted.