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S#2-3 – Diyan Kostadinov           h#3 –Valery Kopyl
S#n – Živko Janevski                    h#n – Nikola Stolev
h#2 – Zoran Gavrilovski              Retro – Jorge Lois
Orbit announces its Informal Retro Tourney 2011, asking for "every type of (orthodox or fairy) classic retros and proof games".
Композиции посылать (Send to) : Živko Janevski, P.O. Box 163, 1480 Gevgelija, Macedonia
ORBIT informal tourney 2011à for unorthodox help-play problems.   Judge: IGM Petko Petkov

Required are help-play problems ( h# / h= / hs# ) in 2 moves, or serieshelpmates (ser-h#) in not more than 9 moves. They should show familiar unorthodox forms, such as (but not limited to) those illustrated in the above article. They should not be too complex. These limitations are made so as to give readers a gentle introduction to this type of problem; in due course the limitations may be relaxed a little. Please send originals by e-mail only, to Chris Feather: cfeather@ukonline.co.ukchristopher.feather@btinternet.comincluding the word “ORBIT” in the message heading. All e-mails will be answered.